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Whether your fitness regimen involves a steady walk around the neighborhood, engaging in sports activities on the field, or pushing yourself through an intense 90-minute gym session, the key to unlocking optimal results lies in prioritizing proper hydration and recovery. The undeniable truth is that if you are looking to elevate your overall health, enhance your performance, and achieve your fitness goals, you must replenish your body with essential amino acids, fluids, and minerals. Without maintaining precision in your hydration and recovery, you'll find it challenging to reach peak performance levels and enhance each area of your exercise and training routine. That's precisely why incorporating the Hydration & Recovery Stack into your program is a pivotal step toward maximizing your results.

Salthead: Advanced Electrolyte Hydration Formula

Introducing SALTHEAD by Xcelerated Performance Products (XP2) – an advanced electrolyte supplement that transcends ordinary formulas. In a world where the majority of the population is dehydrated without even realizing it, SALTHEAD emerges as more than just a solution; it’s a game-changer. Hydration is not just about water—it's about mineralization. Merely having water in your body doesn't guarantee hydration; it's about ensuring that the water reaches your tissues. This is where electrolytes come into play, but not all electrolyte formulas are created equal.


Enter SALTHEAD—an innovative electrolyte supplement carefully crafted to redefine proper hydration. One of the components that sets SALTHEAD apart is its core ingredient: 1,000mg of pure Pink Himalayan Salt. Why Himalayan Salt? Some forms of regular sea salt have been shown to contain harmful micro-plastics, making Himalayan Salt the obvious choice. SALTHEAD’s unique blend of sodium, magnesium, and potassium aims to restore vital electrolyte balance during exercise, hot weather, or your daily routine. It supports muscle functionality, regulates fluid levels, and enhances overall hydration. Remember, it’s not just about how much water you drink but how effectively your body uses it.

But SALTHEAD doesn’t stop there. It incorporates Choline Bitartrate, a sought-after cognitive support ingredient. Imagine experiencing the world hydrated with heightened clarity! Some have even joked saying they can ‘hear colors’ when taking cognitive support compounds. Additionally, SALTHEAD includes a trace mineral complex for overall health support. These trace minerals, although needed in smaller quantities, play a pivotal role in internal bodily processes. SALTHEAD provides your body with the major and minor minerals necessary to support optimal performance and well-being.

EVO9INE: Essential Amino Acid Formula

Did you know there are nine Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) our bodies need to execute all kinds of important tasks? EAAs can only be derived from the foods or nutritional supplements we ingest. The body cannot create them on its own. Now, maybe you’ve heard about BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids). Because of their performance benefits, BCAAs have become a staple supplement for people of all fitness levels.

Introducing EVO9INE™ by EVOchem Nutrition®. This advanced formula combines all nine EAAs (including BCAAs) in an 8g serving designed to fuel your most intense training sessions. Let’s break down the highlights of this recovery product:

  • Convenient way to get all nine EAAs
  • Key electrolytes to support healthy hydration
  • Contains 8g BCAA/EAA (6g BCAAs at 2:1:1 ratio + 2g of the remaining six EAAs)
  • EAAs sourced from plants (100% vegan-friendly)
  • Enjoy before, during, or after training
  • No synthetic colors, sugar, carbs, or calories

If you’re hitting the gym or playing sports on a regular basis or if you’re striving to live a healthy lifestyle, then grab some EVO9INE™ today. The only challenging part may be choosing which flavor you want to try first!

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